What is GetHere?

  • Interactive map allowing your customers to choose the best transportation option to get to your venue or office
  • Easily embedded in your web pages
  • Adapts to your brand’s identity and blends into your website using your colors and fonts

Why should I use it?

  • Avoid confusion for customers who want to know how to get to your location
  • Allow them to pre-book parking or order Uber/taxi from your website
  • Collect valuable insights on where your customers are coming from and which transportation option they choose

How much does it cost?

GetHere is completely FREE

Additional Benefit for Venues*

Ability to track where your customer is located before they get to your venue that allows you to offer better service and more efficiently manage your operations

Example: Customer who had a reservation at 7pm is still 45 minutes away stuck in traffic. You will know about it and manage the situation accordingly (e.g. accommodate another customer you would have turned away otherwise!)

*Soon to be released

How can I get started

  • GetHere is a simple add-on that only requires us to insert a link to your web page to activate it
  • Simply put us in touch with your web designer and we will provide your customized GetHere link
  • No web designer? No problem!
    Our web experts are happy to add GetHere to your website free of charge.